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Create a tuneable spectrum light engine with individual control of your custom selected LEDs across ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared.

A tuneable spectrum LED light engine is a custom circuit board configured with your chosen LEDs and connectorised for individual LED control.  You can precisely adjust the light output of every LED in the light engine to achieve your target spectrum.  A bonus feature of a tuneable spectrum light engine is that you can alter the LED settings to explore any near-neighbour spectra that might impact your application.  For example, in high precision artificial daylight replication, adjusting each LED in the ColorDyne light engine allows for a set daylight spectrum to follow natural daylight changes from sunrise through to sunset.

If you already know which LEDs satisfy your target spectrum application, then ColorDyne can build you a custom circuit board with individual LED control. We have a range of pre-built LED light engines for specific application sectors such as horticulture and biometrology. 

Alternatively, if you need help selecting appropriate LEDs for your application, please get in touch to see what we can do.

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