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Our unique tuneable spectrum LED technology makes it simple to define and obtain the light spectrum you want and then get it working.  With ColorDyne creating colour is easy.



A tuneable spectrum encompasses individual wavelengths across the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared radiation bands that can be adjusted as required for different applications.  Tuneable spectrum lighting can replicate any spectrum for both scientific and architectural purposes. 

For example, in a scientific application, it might be necessary to illuminate a cell culture with a precise spectrum to initiate a biologically active function. In an architectural application there may be a desire to recreate natural daylight for human centric and circadian lighting.

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When working with light, you often need to be in control of the light source spectrum. However, the spectra from existing light sources are usually fixed and frequently not optimised for your intended application.  ColorDyne can solve the problem by working with you to identify the optimal LED selection that matches your target spectral profile. We can also bring in new capabilities, such as programmable digital pulsing of the light signal and sequencing of light spectra that change on demand over time.

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