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Our Story

ColorDyne Ltd is a UK company that offers high performance spectrally tuneable lighting systems across the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared. Our products range from individual LED modules, benchtop light sources to ‘whole-of-room’ lighting solutions with high spectral fidelity.

By using our proprietary optimisation software along with LEDs sourced from world-leading manufacturers we give you the tools to take complete control of your spectrum in any application.


Dedicated to Quality



Peter is the founder and owner of ColorDyne Limited. Over the last 30 years he has been a board member of numerous organisations, in each case playing an important role in their development and shareholder exit strategy. 

In addition to managing the commercial direction of the company, he oversees all legal and financial aspects of the business. 


Technical Lead

Neil Haigh has a PhD in Applied Optics (Imperial College, London), allied with a strong technical background in fibre optics, optical communications, laser and LED safety. He is presently involved in developing technical training courses and software in the area of laser and LED safety. Neil is the director of technology for ColorDyne, active in the development of LED lighting-based products, including software control systems for lighting and photonics applications.


Operations and Development

Susan Lee joined ColorDyne to support development and operations.  She has years of experience within the lighting sector and has brought her knowledge of working in start-ups and lighting manufacturing to the business.  She is also a keen advocate of light and well-being.

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