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Tuneable Spectrum Technology

Tuneable Spectrum Technology

We have developed an easy-to-use tuneable spectrum lighting technology platform in the form of an LED light engine. This engine features multiple LEDs integrated within a novel circuit board design and associated optics.  


Starting with your target spectrum, we identify LEDs sourced from best-in-class manufacturers and analyse their specifications using our proprietary ColorMatryx LED selector platform to optimise overall performance.  The circuit board within the LED light engine is then populated with as few or as many suitable LEDs as necessary.   


The spectrum emitted by the light engine is a careful synthesis of the individual LED source spectra and the resultant spectrum profile can be further tailored as needed.  The extent and complexity of the target spectrum define the variety of LEDs required to replicate it with fidelity.  Where desired, we can future-proof your application by identifying additional LEDs that can be installed into the engine now and brought into play at a later date.


Throughout the LED selection process we also consider the final light delivery mechanism and optical throughput of the overall system.  Where appropriate suitable enclosures and optics can be incorporated.  

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