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Take your tuneable spectrum lighting into your whole-of-room lighting application. From science to architecture, anything is possible.

With ColorDyne tuneable spectrum lighting, you can illuminate a room with any spectrum of light you choose and adjust it to suit your needs. Our custom range of room luminaires are compatible with our tuneable spectrum light engine, making it easy for you to define a spectral requirement and then light the room with it. 

ColorDyne tuneable spectrum room luminaires offer the following features:

  • Compatibility with existing ceiling tile grid infrastructures

  • Ease of installation (plug and play)

  • Fully programmable for advanced spectral sequencing using bespoke or industry-standard controller protocols

  • Remote control from a centralised location for SMART lighting 

For example, in biometrology room lighting, a tuneable spectrum luminaire will work in harmony with your benchtop lighting system and experimentation. In architectural room illumination, tuneable spectrum luminaires allow you to switch between different integrative lighting applications such as circadian, mood and spa therapy.

Who can predict their lighting requirements in the months and years ahead, especially when it comes to knowing which spectra might be required?  Let ColorDyne future-proof your lighting needs.

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