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Create your tuneable spectrum requirements using cutting edge LEDs selected from world-leading manufacturers.

Building light sources usually involves a complex mix of electronics, LED selection and optics.   At ColorDyne, we understand the nuances of LED selection and the many parameters that can impact a system design.  If you have a scientific application anywhere in the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared, our ColorMatryx software platform will identify the LEDs with the closest match to your target optical spectrum.      

The LED selection is not limited to small channel counts as we are comfortable using high LED channel counts as might be required for human-centric lighting. Specifically, our high-precision artificial daylight replication solution involves 24 LED channels across the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared. 

We look to provide the best in class for what is needed. Our proprietary ColorMatryx™ LED selector platform is not limited to any specific LED manufacturers, and we are always seeking to expand the scope of our selection.
Please send us your target spectrum and let us define your multi-channel LED solution.

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