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Customise your environment with tuneable spectrum integrative lighting



Last year, the National Physical Laboratory approached us about a new 'whole-of-room' lighting application that required a specific mix of LED colours for their Biometrology Lab.


NPL's key requirements were:

  • Laboratory illumination with colours and wavelengths defined by NPL

  • Ability to exclude wavelengths that might incidentally activate their biometrology tools

  •  Adjustment of individual colours to form any hybrid spectrum desired

  • Control of lighting from both a local and remote location

  • Ease of installation within the existing suspended ceiling

  • Maximisation of light output from the fitting

The challenge for us was to adapt our proven LED lightbox technology to a whole-of-room lighting application. We achieved this with our groundbreaking ColorZone Ceiling Tile.



The NPL Biometrology laboratory and several other areas were fitted with ColorZone ceiling tiles with the following features:

  • Luminaire incorporating 6 user-defined LED wavelength channels 

  • Single colour as well as multi-colour hybrid spectral mixes of light for laboratory illumination

  • Wavelength exclusion as needed

  • Local and remote control of lighting system using a simple ethernet topology

  • Optimal light efficiency using the ColorZone concept

  • Installation compatible with room ceiling infrastructure

  • Unique distinctive appearance


NPL was fully involved in developing the ColorZone Ceiling Tile at every stage, from initial consultation to installation. NPL defined the wavelengths for their laboratory lighting, and we used our proprietary ColorMatryx LED optimisation software to identify the appropriate LED selection. We then adapted our core LED lightbox technology and applied it within the ColorZone ceiling tile design. Rapid prototyping allowed for quick assessment and approval by NPL, including finalisation of the light diffuser, luminaire dimensions, and control method. This consultative approach facilitated product design and manufacture within a few months and an ongoing capability to supply a modular ceiling tile luminaire with custom wavelength selection on demand.

ColorDyne-Custom Blue - Laboratory.jpg
red 2.jpg


The ColorZone ceiling tile offers the ability to blend 18 LED light channels to generate custom light spectra for the room environment. It is compatible with industry-standard lighting control software and hardware. In addition, our own proprietary ColorMatryx software can be used for advanced colour functionality that includes precision light spectrum synthesis and sequencing.

 In addition to laboratory and other scientific lighting applications, the ColorZone ceiling tile can create any desired spectrum, for example, D65 artificial daylight, tungsten halogen, circadian lighting, sleep lighting, and general mood lighting.

To discuss your applications please contact us.

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